Ellen has been teaching Pilates in the Boulder area for over 20 years. Ellen danced professionally for 14 years and has performed all over United States, Canada and Europe. For 30 years she has been teaching and studying different forms of movement, including ballet, jazz, gymnastics, aerobics and stretching. For the last 20 years she has devoted her professional life to the teaching and study of Pilates, and is very highly regarded by experts in the field and her vast network of loyal students. Ellen's enthusiasm and ability to communicate has made her a leader and much sought after teacher in the Boulder Pilates community. She is equally proficient teaching a basic beginner or a seasoned Pilates expert. Ellen has worked with many of the elite athletes in the Boulder area. She has studied from many different teachers with varying styles, and incorporates her extensive dance and movement background into all facets of her Pilates work.

Ellen instructs the following:
  • Reformer Mix
  • A well-rounded Pilates Reformer class for the intermediate client to advanced client. A variety of exercises and props make this a fun workout.

  • Reformer Challenge
  • For the experienced Pilates Reformer client who is skilled, strong and ready for a challenging workout.  A fast paced class with an emphasis on movement integration. 

  • Reformer Essentials
  • Learn the fundamentals of a Pilates Reformer workout. A good class for those beginning Pilates Reformer classes or those who need modifications and/or need to move slower due to injuries.