Wendy has over 30 years experience in the fitness industry, co-owning Body Dynamics for the last eighteen years. She has managed wellness and group exercise programs in large club settings before designing a more intimate environment that helps her stay in touch with the clients fitness experience. She was named on the "Top 100 Trainers in the Country" list published by Men's Journal magazine in 2004 and 2005. Wendy holds a MS degree in Exercise Physiology and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, Bosu, TRX (to the Sports Medicine Level). Wendy specializes in "hunting down" the movement patterns that need help, preventing or alleviating pain that comes along with this syndrome. She consulted with the US Ski Team as a core rehab specialist for 10 years and loves assisting all levels of fitness from wheelchair to Olympic athlete and many in between. Wendy has contributed and written articles for many fitness magazines. Some can be viewed in our "in the news" section.

Wendy instructs the following:
  • VertiBARRE / TRX
  • VertiBARRE/TRX- a master mix of two great training tools that will create a fusion of optimal exercises for posture and the posterior chain. Come experience an upbeat workout that will hit all those missing muscles groups that go missing in action during your regular activities. Medium paced class - not for beginners.

  • Kness Stability Series Level 1
  • Cost: $75
    In this 3-class series we will build on what you learned in the Intro Workshop.
    • Understand movement patterns that create wear and tear
    • Learn how to correct movement patterns to save the knees
    • Strengthen the stabilizing muscles that help the knees track correctly
    • Simple exercises you can do at home

  • VertiBARRE
  • VertiBARRE MASTER MIX is a butt burner, shoulder shaper, core connector along with the refinements of knee/hip stability, posterior line up-training and anterior line opening. Lengthen while you strengthen igniting lackluster muscle groups with super-sets performed using VertiBAR™ alignment to address what's missing in most workouts!

  • VertiBARRE Strong
  • An intermediate to advanced progression of our VertiBARRE classes. Not recommended for our new clients or those with significant injuries. The class will offer basics and beyond with a faster pace intensity.

  • TRX Full Body
  • TRX suspension training is an innovative comprehensive workout! What makes TRX so functional is the ability to learn strength integration with core stability as you hold on to, pull down on, or assist yourself with the straps. TRX training creates a strength, core, neural flexibility challenge with every move. Get functionally fit...fast!!