Heli began her journey into natural healing and movement at the age of seventeen and has been teaching Pilates since 2002. Heli owned and operated a successful Pilates studio in Palm Beach Florida for eight years before moving to Boulder in 2010. She had an extensive clientele from supermodels to pro athletes. Her years in the holistic health industry also attracted clients from all walks of life from very fit individuals to stage four cancer patients, ranging from ages eight to ninety one. Heli is also certified in Vinyassa Yoga. Her passion is connecting the mind and body to have the most effective training. She brings not only a technical knowledge and experience but also an intuitive presence that helps uncover the root of imbalances. Heli loves life and brings her positive attitude and empowering spirit to those she teaches.

Heli instructs the following:
  • Posture Perfect
  • Develop awareness, length and strength for optimal posture. Focus on improving alignment using balls, bands, small weights and Pilates-based body resistance exercises. Learn good body mechanics for daily living and exercises to practice at home.

  • Reformer Mix
  • A well-rounded Pilates Reformer class for the intermediate client to advanced client. A variety of exercises and props make this a fun workout.