Shana holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Throughout that five-year program, she worked as a student athletic trainer with many different levels of athletes, treating injuries from onset to recovery, and helping to create rehab and prevention programs. She then practiced in an outpatient physical therapy clinic for 4 years. Her journey with MELT started in 2012, training with MELT Method creator Sue Hitzmann. Intrigued with everything MELT offered - from the incredible science and research to the changes she felt in her own body using the simple technique - Shana took her training further, becomming a Certified MELT Length & Strength instructor in 2013. Shana is passionate about understanding how the body works and strives to help others achieve a healthy, active, pain-free lifestyle.

Shana instructs the following:
  • MELT for Back Pain
  • Come join MELT method instructor Shana Cropley in this 2 week intensive workshop focused on decreasing chronic low back pain. Based on the MELT method and its research study “Effect of the MELT Method on the Thoracolumbar Connective Tissue,” you will learn the self-care maps that work best for decreasing low back pain. In addition you will learn the basics of the MELT method which include learning how to:
    • identify where you have stuck stress in your body, a major cause of chronic aches and pains
    • use the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment, a unique indirect treatment for your whole body
    • improve your Body Sense and notice the changes as your body effortlessly finds greater alignment and balance
    • activate your own core strength and stability
    • use the MELT Soft Body Roller to rehydrate the tissues of your body for greater mobility and ease of motion
    • safely and effectively decompress your own low back