Cindy has a diverse set of skills to offer you as a result of over 30 years of experience in the fitness and health fields. Cyndy combines the disciplines of traditional Functional Core, Injury Rehab and Prevention, Corrective Exercise, Sport Training, Cross Training, Equestrian Cross Over, Yoga, Pilates, Stability Ball and Tai Chi, to create what she calls Functional Fusion Fitness. Through her experience with these disciplines she will create programs that are individual to the client that will encompass their entire life, not just the hour in the gym, to develop and improve in overall health, physical and mental well being.

Some of her career highlights:

  • Over 50 Fitness is Cyndy's newest specialty and offers workshops for this subject entitled "Get Strong with Age".
  • Aerobic and Fitness Director for Aspen Cub Fitness and Sports Medicine Institute for 9 years.
  • She was awarded several distinctions for her outdoor cross training programs as "Best in the Rockies", and recognized as a national presenter and lecturer in the field of fitness.



Cyndy instructs the following:
  • TRX Full Body
  • TRX suspension training is an innovative comprehensive workout! What makes TRX so functional is the ability to learn strength integration with core stability as you hold on to, pull down on, or assist yourself with the straps. TRX training creates a strength, core, neural flexibility challenge with every move. Get functionally!!

  • Functional Flexibility Stretch Class
  • This class incorporates the principals of Tai Chi and Pilates to create slow, fluid movement patterns which open joints and increase the range of motion of all muscles. Learn how to stretch correctly (yes there is a wrong way)! Incorporate breathing, and build a calming yet invigorating combination of movements that will make you feel taller, keep the spine healthy and help to reduce chronic overuse injuries associated with posture imbalance due to daily negative repetitive positions. IE: sitting at a computer, driving, slouching etc.

  • TRX Plus