Sheri was an English teacher when she first heard the word “Pilates” in 1988, but it wasn’t until years later that she was encouraged to actually experiment with this fascinating method of mind-body awareness. Sheri is a fully certified, classically-trained Pilates instructor and has been practicing since 2002, taking classes and workshops with several 2nd generation master teachers and many talented instructors along the way. She works with everyday people, clients from all paths of life and hopes to inspire each one to find something in the work that becomes their own. She loves introducing beginners to this unique movement system, as well as challenging students who are ready to hone more advanced skills. Her caring nature and genuine love for the Pilates Method creates a safe place to explore and challenge your potential. Sheri works to integrate and improve posture, spinal flexibility, muscle strength, and connection to the core. Sometimes simply moving through our day can be difficult, but when we move from our center with the support of the breath and focused attention, it can be lot easier! When not teaching or doing Pilates, Sheri also practices yoga and rock climbs….both of which are complemented by the core work of Pilates.

Sheri is currently not instructing any classes.