Aprille began practicing yoga in 1993, first studying on her own with books, then later seeking out a teacher. She dreamed back then of becoming a yoga teacher, but it would be years before that became a reality. Over the years Aprille tried and studied a variety of styles of yoga. After years of sitting stationary in the technology field and dynamically moving while rock climbing, Aprille came to Kaiut Yoga with a variety of injuries. Somewhere during that time Aprille had children, which had also altered her body in ways that required healing. After stepping into her first Kaiut Yoga class, Aprille immediately recognized the benefits of Kaiut, experiencing sensations she hadn’t felt in all her years of other yoga practice. Aprille has spent the last year studying with Francisco Kaiut in Boulder and in Brazil and is excited to focus on helping others experience greater freedom of movement and enjoyment of their bodies.

Aprille is currently not instructing any classes.