YOU probably have tight calves and restricted mobility in your feet. Most of us do- you are not alone! Use this simple stretch with the half roller to lengthen your back line. This will help you walk with less restriction and keep you from shuffling along. BY THE WAY! We have this prop in all areas of the studio. Help yourself to this stretch anytime you are at Body Dynamics or buy one for your personal use at home! Walking without pain is wonderful! Enjoy!


Balance is the basic platform to build your strength. When we stand on one lag we receive information on what areas might need strengthening. Our ankle may wobble, our hip might shift to the side, we might be using our thigh rather than our buttocks to help us stabilize. This is an opportunity to learn about your unique movement patterns and compensations. Check out this video explaining the use of the half roller to help you improve your balance. This unstable surface helps us get the true story.

Reverse Your Spinal Stress!

Help out your body from your daily forward flexed life by extending your spine over a small ball. This allows the ribs to move away fro the lungs, take in more oxygen and expand the chest. This exercise creates more mobility in your middle back so you can maintain good posture.

Buttocks on the Ball!

Healthy Holidays! Lindsay Ross is happy to share 3 favorite glut/buttocks exercises with you. Using the Swiss ball, these are easy to get the job done at home until you get back to the studio. Cheers!

Reformer Exercise for your Glutes

A Favorite Pilates Reformer Exercise for your Glutes and Balance! Working in a standing position to maximize you balance from the feet up will help you create a better connection to your hips. Come join us at Body dynamics for a butt blasting workout! #fridayfitness

August Is Mobility Month at Body Dynamics

The first signs of pain or stiffness is most likely due to an area in the body that is lacking mobility. Lack of mobility equals lacks of strength equals stress strain to muscles and joints. Read More

Paddling Portugal's River of Wine - September 4-12, 2018

For the past two years Body Dynamics clients and friends have joined together to experience active trips around the world. The results have been an astounding joy. Read More


As insurance costs rise and the desire to stay active and engaged in life continue, we can not overlook the importance of our fitness routine.  Investing in our health should be at he top of our list.  We want to enjoy our later years of freedom, to travel, to be active in our community or even the simple desire to get out of bed each morning with a minimal amount of pain or stiffness! Read More

As We Get Older We Tend To....

According to a Harvard Business Review we tend to be more open to self improvement and less defensive to criticism because we have evolved over time to be able to focus on improving ourselves rather than just proving ourselves.  Read More

Put Your Workout In a BLENDER!

If you are doing the same type of workout three times a week, shake it up and stir in one different type of workout to replace the third workout. How about a flexibility class if you are not addressing length and posture.  Read More