August Is Mobility Month at Body Dynamics

The first signs of pain or stiffness is most likely due to an area in the body that is lacking mobility. Lack of mobility equals lacks of strength equals stress strain to muscles and joints. Read More

Paddling Portugal's River of Wine - September 4-12, 2018

For the past two years Body Dynamics clients and friends have joined together to experience active trips around the world. The results have been an astounding joy. Read More


As insurance costs rise and the desire to stay active and engaged in life continue, we can not overlook the importance of our fitness routine.  Investing in our health should be at he top of our list.  We want to enjoy our later years of freedom, to travel, to be active in our community or even the simple desire to get out of bed each morning with a minimal amount of pain or stiffness! Read More

As We Get Older We Tend To....

According to a Harvard Business Review we tend to be more open to self improvement and less defensive to criticism because we have evolved over time to be able to focus on improving ourselves rather than just proving ourselves.  Read More

Put Your Workout In a BLENDER!

If you are doing the same type of workout three times a week, shake it up and stir in one different type of workout to replace the third workout. How about a flexibility class if you are not addressing length and posture.  Read More