As insurance costs rise and the desire to stay active and engaged in life continue, we can not overlook the importance of our fitness routine.  Investing in our health should be at he top of our list.  We want to enjoy our later years of freedom, to travel, to be active in our community or even the simple desire to get out of bed each morning with a minimal amount of pain or stiffness!

Body Dynamics strives in a constant manner to offer programming that supports the needs of our fitness challenges.  We have many classes for seniors and programs for special needs.  If there is a will- there is a way- to move- to feel better- and we will help you discover which ways and means works for you!

Winter is upon us which makes for a good time to come inside and workout!  Currently we are offering a number of programs that suit all levels of fitness!  Explore one or all of these offerings and discover which one works for you!

Intro to Pilates
Posture Class
From the Feet Up
Pilates for Men
Private Training for Seniors

We look forward to assisting you with your fitness goals and protecting your greatest asset! 

As We Get Older We Tend To....

According to a Harvard Business Review we tend to be more open to self improvement and less defensive to criticism because we have evolved over time to be able to focus on improving ourselves rather than just proving ourselves. 

With this in mind, we are in our prime to be the fittest, healthiest we can be!!

Come challenge yourself with new opportunities to learn about and our movement patterns. Pilates, Vertical Method, Posture Class, Getting Stronger with Age, Functional Flexibility, TRX and Personal Training. We strive to offer you the highest level of instruction and we appreciate your referrals!!

Put Your Workout In a BLENDER!

I know you are expecting a recipe! Instead...a recipe for fitness success. 


1. If you are doing the same type of workout three times a week, shake it up and stir in one different type of workout to replace the third workout. How about a flexibility class if you are not addressing length and posture. 

2. Cardio Blast - shorten your traditional cardio workout and add some intensity. The body gets on cruise control quite quickly. Start this change slowly.

3) It's summer! Get out and walk a bit more and try to get 5,000 steps per day. Every bit adds up.

4) Most importantly!! Be sure you are enjoying your movement sessions!

Check out our Summer Class Schedule to add variety to your's just like a good garden variety salad.