Paddling Portugal's River of Wine - September 4-12, 2018


grouped Portugal 


Kayak the Historic Douro River by Day and Feast at Classic Vineyard Estates by Night


For the past two years Body Dynamics clients and friends have joined together to experience active trips around the world. The results have been an astounding joy.


We have created a very special relationship with Natural Habitat Adventures and Wendy Klausner, their senior adventure specialist. Natural Habitat Adventures  is world-renown as a high end travel company, conservations and wildlife conscious, that takes you to places we could never experience without their special permits and long-term connections.


Natural Habitat’s group travel is boutique oriented. They are located in the Boulder area and have been in business for over 33 years! Most group trips runs from 8-12 people depending on the trip. Most places we stay are intimate and cater to our group only.


For further information contact:

Wendy McClure: 303-944-8463 or

Wendy Klausner: / 303-333-8875


**With sign up you will receive a complimentary one hour private training session with Wendy and follow-up training videos to prepare you for your trip.**