Functional Training in Boulder


Whether you are a lifelong fitness enthusiast, someone trying to lose a few pounds, or you’re working to regain strength after an operation, we often have the same goal in mind: to improve and maintain a high quality of life. This is where functional training comes in!


At Body Dynamics in Boulder, CO, our team of personal trainers and Pilates instructors take your training seriously to help train your muscles and body to perform at a safer, more efficient level so you can enjoy life!





What is Functional Training?

Functional training focuses on improving the functional interaction between joints and muscle groups to promote improved stabilization of the body. By training your muscles and joints to work in unison, you can perform everyday tasks correctly, safely, and easier.


It also focuses on the relationship between deep abdominal muscles (your core), hip abductors and rotators, shoulder rotator cuff muscles (balance)  and stability through your feet. Strength in these areas creates stability in virtually every movement of the body! This stability is beneficial to athletes, seniors, patients recovering from injury, injury prevention, and more!


Pilates and Functional Training in Boulder

Pilates exercise focuses on the areas that make functional training most effective: the core, hips, upper body and shoulders. Pilates and functional training go hand-in-hand and you’ll find it’s a natural fit to incorporate it as part of your Pilates workout!


At Body Dynamics, our instructors inherently incorporate functional training as we lead personal training and small group classes that integrate core muscles and deep stabilizer muscles in every movement. If you’re training for a particular sport or activity, talk to us about creating exercises that help mimic and train expected movement to aid you in what you want to do!


Personal Fitness Training and Functional Training in Boulder

Personal fitness training goes hand-in-hand with functional training. Have chronic back pain? Need to jumpstart your personal fitness? Training for an Ironman and thinking about injury prevention? Our trained and experienced instructors can help you build stability within your muscles, joints, and body that will, in turn, help you improve your posture, correctly pick something up, increase your balance, and much more.

No matter what you like to do – shopping, skiing, running, living – functional training can help you become stronger, more stable, and protected from injury. Contact us to learn more!


“I love Body Dynamics! I’ve been coming here since it opened in the mid – nineties & developed my love for Pilates through their classes.  The staff here knows more about PT & rehab than anywhere I’ve ever worked out.  Lindsay & the rest of the staff are amazing instructors.  I love you Body D!” – Zoe Hill