Small Group Fitness Classes at body dynamics

Our fitness classes are small and personalized with an emphasis on education. With a maximum of 6 participants, the instructor has time to work with everyone! We recommend that you sign up in advance to ensure your spot.

Ladies Cardio Core Fusion

The first part of this class will include basic cardio and interval moves using props such as the FitBall, Bosu, and the TRX. The remainder of the class will be a variety of core, strength and stretching exercises. You may use weights, FitBalls, the Bosu,TRX and rollers. Please bring your sneakers.

Vertical Method

Invented by dance professional Jennifer Davis, Vertical Method is a patent pending exercise methodology focused on creating an athletic back and core, highly functioning postural muscles, toned arms and strong lean legs. We sculpt the body to walk, stand and sit with poise because a body in consistent postural alignment is a self-tuning machine.

Posture Perfect

Develop awareness, length and strength for optimal posture. Focus on improving alignment using balls, bands, small weights and Pilates-based body resistance exercises. Learn good body mechanics for daily living and exercises to practice at home.

“BD has given me full body strength and fitness to fly – literally. I use my body to dance in the air. Thanks to Lindsay and Wendy” – NS

TRX Full BodyVBNEW_copy1

Experience the benefits of TRX suspension training. All core - all the time, creating a complete neuro-muscular workout. Effort levels can be enhanced or modified for all participants. Warm up, work out and stretch/flexibility segments complete the hour. Added challenges might include other props.  Learn more

Get Stronger With Age

This class will teach new and exciting ways to move your body synergistically to incorporate as many of the 650 muscles you have with every movement. You will learn new movement patterns to increase stamina and strength, range of motion and flexibility, and how to make anything cardio by training metabolically. 

Ultra Sculpt

The underlying theme will be targeted metabolic training for specific muscle groups. Sculpting to build long lean powerful muscles. This training helps to raise metabolism and reduce body fat as well as adding a low impact, high intensity cardio component enabling you to achieve higher levels of fitness for activities, sports and overall fitness health. Mondays focus is Upper Body and Thursdays focus is Lower Body. Both days train abs! Not recommended for beginners.

Functional Flexibility Class

This class incorporates the principals of Tai Chi and Pilates to create slow, fluid movement patterns which open joints and increase the range of motion of all muscles. Learn how to stretch correctly(yes there is a wrong way)! Help reduce chronic overuse injuries associated with posture imbalance due to daily negative repetitive positions IE: sitting at a computer, driving, slouching and exercise.