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Lindsay started teaching fitness classes in the 1970's, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She moved to Boulder in 1979 to attend CU where she earned her BA in Dance & Kinesiology. After finding Pilates to rehabilitate from an injury, Lindsay started teaching Pilates in 1985 and opened Body Dynamics in 1990. Lindsay took her first formal training program at the Pilates Center of Boulder in the early 1990's and later with Polestar Pilates in 1998. She has most recently been trained in TRX Suspension Training System and the Vertical Method.  Lindsay loves teaching both Pilates and fitness classes and specializes in detail oriented corrective exercise programs. She has taken extensive continuing education courses with a focus on the spine and scoliosis.  Being creative is her signature.
Wendy has over 30 years experience in the fitness industry, co-owning Body Dynamics for the last eighteen years. She has managed wellness and group exercise programs in large club settings before designing a more intimate environment that helps her stay in touch with the clients fitness experience. She was named on the "Top 100 Trainers in the Country" list published by Men's Journal magazine in 2004 and 2005. Wendy holds a MS degree in Exercise Physiology and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, Bosu, TRX (to the Sports Medicine Level). Wendy specializes in "hunting down" the movement patterns that need help, preventing or alleviating pain that comes along with this syndrome. She consulted with the US Ski Team as a core rehab specialist for 10 years and loves assisting all levels of fitness from wheelchair to Olympic athlete and many in between. Wendy has contributed and written articles for many fitness magazines. Some can be viewed in our "in the news" section.
Heli began her journey into natural healing and movement at the age of seventeen and has been teaching Pilates since 2002. Heli owned and operated a successful Pilates studio in Palm Beach Florida for eight years before moving to Boulder in 2010. She had an extensive clientele from supermodels to pro athletes. Her years in the holistic health industry also attracted clients from all walks of life from very fit individuals to stage four cancer patients, ranging from ages eight to ninety one. Heli is also certified in Vinyassa Yoga. Her passion is connecting the mind and body to have the most effective training. She brings not only a technical knowledge and experience but also an intuitive presence that helps uncover the root of imbalances. Heli loves life and brings her positive attitude and empowering spirit to those she teaches.
Ellen has been teaching Pilates in the Boulder area for over 20 years. Ellen danced professionally for 14 years and has performed all over United States, Canada and Europe. For 30 years she has been teaching and studying different forms of movement, including ballet, jazz, gymnastics, aerobics and stretching. For the last 20 years she has devoted her professional life to the teaching and study of Pilates, and is very highly regarded by experts in the field and her vast network of loyal students. Ellen's enthusiasm and ability to communicate has made her a leader and much sought after teacher in the Boulder Pilates community. She is equally proficient teaching a basic beginner or a seasoned Pilates expert. Ellen has worked with many of the elite athletes in the Boulder area. She has studied from many different teachers with varying styles, and incorporates her extensive dance and movement background into all facets of her Pilates work.
Amanda Gyuran is a fully certified Level 2 STOTT PILATES® Instructor and Mind Body Nutritionist. She began teaching in the fitness industry in Detroit in 2012 and has passionately pursued certifications in Pilates, prenatal fitness, injury and special population rehabilitation, TRX, Bosu, Spinning, holistic nutrition and Eating Psychology. Amanda has had the pleasure of training a wide variety of bodies in the Pilates method, including; injured professional NHL and NFL athletes, gymnasts, prenatal mothers, those healing eating disorders, as well as helping clients gain strength and mobility post spinal surgeries, hip and knee replacements. Her passion lies in helping all bodies experience empowerment through exercise so they can live more connected, vibrant lives and move with greater ease and efficiency. Her training sessions focus on proper biomechanics, functional alignment and most importantly, making fitness fun.

Shana holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Throughout that five-year program, she worked as a student athletic trainer with many different levels of athletes, treating injuries from onset to recovery, and helping to create rehab and prevention programs. She then practiced in an outpatient physical therapy clinic for 4 years. Her journey with MELT started in 2012, training with MELT Method creator Sue Hitzmann. Intrigued with everything MELT offered - from the incredible science and research to the changes she felt in her own body using the simple technique - Shana took her training further, becomming a Certified MELT Length & Strength instructor in 2013. Shana is passionate about understanding how the body works and strives to help others achieve a healthy, active, pain-free lifestyle.

Jenny has been avidly teaching Pilates since she received her Pilates certification from the Pilates Center in Boulder in 1996. She is Polestar Pilates trained and previously owned a Pilates business in Boulder. She holds both an MA in Speech Pathology, and a BA in Speech Pathology/Therapeutic Recreation, and incorporates that knowledge and skill into her teaching. Jenny lives in Boulder with her husband and 11-year-old daughter. When she's not teaching, Jenny enjoys running, hiking and swimming.
Sheri was an English teacher when she first heard the word “Pilates” in 1988, but it wasn’t until years later that she was encouraged to actually experiment with this fascinating method of mind-body awareness. Sheri is a fully certified, classically-trained Pilates instructor and has been practicing since 2002, taking classes and workshops with several 2nd generation master teachers and many talented instructors along the way. She works with everyday people, clients from all paths of life and hopes to inspire each one to find something in the work that becomes their own. She loves introducing beginners to this unique movement system, as well as challenging students who are ready to hone more advanced skills. Her caring nature and genuine love for the Pilates Method creates a safe place to explore and challenge your potential. Sheri works to integrate and improve posture, spinal flexibility, muscle strength, and connection to the core. Sometimes simply moving through our day can be difficult, but when we move from our center with the support of the breath and focused attention, it can be lot easier! When not teaching or doing Pilates, Sheri also practices yoga and rock climbs….both of which are complemented by the core work of Pilates.
Erin Harding knows first hand the healing benefits of a regular Kaiut Yoga Practice. She considers it a cornerstone in her three year recovery from chronic Lyme disease. After years of battling her lyme and a busy full life including: equestrian sports, skiing & biking (that maybe weren’t so kind to the body) Kaiut has proved to be a practice for life and is easily integrated into the busiest of schedules. After developing her personal practice for 3 years and participating in workshops with founder Francisco Kaiut, Erin signed on to the instructor training in Toronto, ON Canada. Francisco was asked at her first teacher training, "What is the end result of this practice?" His response was simple...."Joy!" Having a body that allows us to do what we want to do, when we want to do it, leads us to joy. While Erin considers herself an unlikely yogi, she has always been passionate in her pursuit of the most joyous life possible! Erin has been a regular at Body Dynamics for the past two years so bringing her passion for The Kaiut Yoga Method, was a natural fit. In September she will receive her 300- hour Kaiut Yoga Certification through Kaiut Yoga International.
Jani is excited to be sharing Kaiut Yoga at Body Dynamics. She found Francisco Kaiut's work after a serious ski injury in 2010. As a result of this work, she has been able to continue the many activities she loves to do such as hiking, skiing and exercise classes at Body Dynamics. Jani is a long time member of the Bouder community. She was a practicing Physician Assistant for 30 years with Dr. Julie Carpenter and Dakota Ridge Family Medicine. In this last year, she has been studying with Francisco Kaiut in a year long teacher training and is now a certified Kaiut Yoga teacher. Jani is bringing together her knowledge and appreciation of bodies, her respect for healing, and her love of Kaiut yoga to share with you.
Aprille began practicing yoga in 1993, first studying on her own with books, then later seeking out a teacher. She dreamed back then of becoming a yoga teacher, but it would be years before that became a reality. Over the years Aprille tried and studied a variety of styles of yoga. After years of sitting stationary in the technology field and dynamically moving while rock climbing, Aprille came to Kaiut Yoga with a variety of injuries. Somewhere during that time Aprille had children, which had also altered her body in ways that required healing. After stepping into her first Kaiut Yoga class, Aprille immediately recognized the benefits of Kaiut, experiencing sensations she hadn’t felt in all her years of other yoga practice. Aprille has spent the last year studying with Francisco Kaiut in Boulder and in Brazil and is excited to focus on helping others experience greater freedom of movement and enjoyment of their bodies.
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