Pilates for Seniors in Boulder, CO


Body alignment, flexibility, balance, posture, and strength. Seniors can expect these results, and more, with Pilates for seniors classes in Boulder, CO, at Body Dynamics!


At Body Dynamics, we understand how the body changes as we age. Naturally, over time our strong, lean muscles may become weaker. Even standing may sometimes cause dizziness or an unsteady feeling, joints feel tighter, and more concern comes up when you push yourself in the gym.


Ready to turn all of that around? Pilates for seniors can help you not only regain strength, improve balance, and increase flexibility, but it can also grow your confidence and help build your self-esteem!




Pilates Classes for Seniors


Benefits of Pilates for Seniors:

  • Stronger core results in increased stability
  • Increased overall strength and body awareness improves balance
  • No impact exercise reduces strain on joints
  • Focused movement targets problem or weak areas
  • Improved focus and breath control
  • Exercise that promotes healing and rehabilitation
  • Trained instructor guides movements and increases safety
  • Workouts can be adapted to your unique needs
  • Age is no barrier to learning Pilates!

Body Dynamics offers Pilates for seniors in Boulder, CO and beyond with highly skilled, experienced, and certified Pilates instructors. Pilates teachers can help you learn the basic Pilates movements, how the different Pilates machines and props are used, and build your confidence and personal fitness.


Our classes are kept small in size to ensure you feel comfortable and our instructors can provide the correct guidance to further increase safety as you exercise. You will enjoy and appreciate the personal attention you’ll receive in one of our Pilates classes!


Interested in getting started with Pilates for seniors at our Body Dynamics studio in Boulder? Contact us! We can help you get started and underway to feeling great!

In addition to Pilates, we also have classes such as Posture Perfect and Vertical Method to compliment your workouts on the Pilates equipment.  Body Dynamics Boulder can assist you in a private training setting as well, helping you to identify your movement patterns that may be creating pain or limitations in your daily life!


“I love Body Dynamics! I’ve been coming here since it opened in the mid – nineties & developed my love for Pilates through their classes.  The staff here knows more about PT & rehab than anywhere I’ve ever worked out.  Lindsay & the rest of the staff are amazing instructors.  I love you Body D!” – Zoe Hill