Lindsay started teaching fitness classes in the 1970's, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She moved to Boulder in 1979 to attend CU where she earned her BA in Dance & Kinesiology. After finding Pilates to rehabilitate from an injury, Lindsay started teaching Pilates in 1985 and opened Body Dynamics in 1990. Lindsay took her first formal training program at the Pilates Center of Boulder in the early 1990's and later with Polestar Pilates in 1998. She has most recently been trained in TRX Suspension Training System and the Vertical Method.  Lindsay loves teaching both Pilates and fitness classes and specializes in detail oriented corrective exercise programs. She has taken extensive continuing education courses with a focus on the spine and scoliosis.  Being creative is her signature.
Ellen has been teaching Pilates in the Boulder area for over 20 years. Ellen danced professionally for 14 years and has performed all over United States, Canada and Europe. For 30 years she has been teaching and studying different forms of movement, including ballet, jazz, gymnastics, aerobics and stretching. For the last 20 years she has devoted her professional life to the teaching and study of Pilates, and is very highly regarded by experts in the field and her vast network of loyal students. Ellen's enthusiasm and ability to communicate has made her a leader and much sought after teacher in the Boulder Pilates community. She is equally proficient teaching a basic beginner or a seasoned Pilates expert. Ellen has worked with many of the elite athletes in the Boulder area. She has studied from many different teachers with varying styles, and incorporates her extensive dance and movement background into all facets of her Pilates work.
Heli began her journey into natural healing and movement at the age of seventeen and has been teaching Pilates since 2002. Heli owned and operated a successful Pilates studio in Palm Beach Florida for eight years before moving to Boulder in 2010. She had an extensive clientele from supermodels to pro athletes. Her years in the holistic health industry also attracted clients from all walks of life from very fit individuals to stage four cancer patients, ranging from ages eight to ninety one. Heli is also certified in Vinyassa Yoga. Her passion is connecting the mind and body to have the most effective training. She brings not only a technical knowledge and experience but also an intuitive presence that helps uncover the root of imbalances. Heli loves life and brings her positive attitude and empowering spirit to those she teaches.
Anne discovered Pilates several years ago as a way to rehab after extensive surgery. So inspired, she completed the Polestar Comprehensive Teacher Certification, and is certified through the Pilates Method Alliance. In addition to her Pilates passion and expertise, Anne brings 20 years of medical experience as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) in family practice and pain management. She believes that wellness and health maintenance can best be achieved through a committed team approach revolving around the client, and states: "Pilates as a movement discipline enhances all aspects of life, can be performed by anyone at any stage of life and is an integral aspect of a healthy lifestyle." Anne and her husband - and their two cats - have lived in Boulder for nearly 16 years. She also enjoys hiking, cycling, climbing, reading and jewelry-making.
Jenny has been avidly teaching Pilates since she received her Pilates certification from the Pilates Center in Boulder in 1996. She is Polestar Pilates trained and previously owned a Pilates business in Boulder. She holds both an MA in Speech Pathology, and a BA in Speech Pathology/Therapeutic Recreation, and incorporates that knowledge and skill into her teaching. Jenny lives in Boulder with her husband and 11-year-old daughter. When she's not teaching, Jenny enjoys running, hiking and swimming.
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