See what people are saying about Body Dynamics!

“Body Dynamics is the Mothership of sensitive, professional and progressive movement.  They are especially good at finding and keeping – fiercely talented teachers and staff.”  – LM

“Body Dynamics has kept me from falling apart for almost 20 years.  It’s a wonderful environment, soft and warm, and full of laughter and kindness.  I love it.”  –Abby

“I love Body Dynamics! I’ve been coming here since it opened in the mid – nineties & developed my love for Pilates through their classes.  The staff here knows more about PT & rehab than anywhere I’ve ever worked out.  Lindsay & the rest of the staff are amazing instructors.  I love you Body D!” – Zoe

“I came to Body Dynamics for very specific support in rebuilding my body after my struggle with cancer which left me 25 lbs underweight and weak. I could not be happier with my continued results.  If you are physically compromised as I am, I suggest you set up 3 to 6 private sessions first and then join beginner classes.  The staff have superior knowledge and extraordinary and deep experience.  I am in the BEST hands here! Come & see!”  – Carrie

“I love Body Dynamics! The trainers are great, staff wonderful and the facilities are very nice.  All the people working there care about you and your health.”  – Bruce

“Heli rocks! If you want to remake your body into a tough reed, she can help you get there.  Add Wendy into the mix and you will be lifting cars for breakfast.”  – April

“The Spine Tuning class at Body Dynamics has helped me gain more flexibility in my spine after a double lumbar fusion.  Lindsay is an excellent teacher.”  –Debbie

"BD has given me full body strength and fitness to fly – literally.  I use my body to dance in the air.  Thanks Lindsay and Wendy."  –Nancy

“Kangoo is a fabulous way to get an aerobic workout and not hurt my knees!!”  –Jani

“TRX has really helped me find my core, save my knees, and teach me about finding my glute strength.  I am so grateful to have found Wendy’s wisdom in combo with the TRX.“  – JS